Intelligent consumption of natural foods

Good nutrition is imperative for healthy teeth. In specific terms, during the growth stage, this means proper amounts of inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphate together with organic elements such as proteins and fats, with minute amounts of fluoride and magnesium.

Add to this vitamins, which help ameloblasts (young cells of the enamel) and odontoblasts (young cells of the dentine). All these elements are found in natural foods taken from the mountains and the sea. For instance, brown (unpolished) rice, vegetables (salads, Japanese pickles etc.) fermented foods (soy sauce, natto etc.), sesame, seaweeds, fish and shellfish are not only nutritious, but also good for teeth.

Too much white rice, processed sugar and animal fat tend to end up as body fat and can lead to a shortened lifespan. In a village noted for it healthy inhabitants, the people eat lots of natural foods. All have healthy teeth.


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